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4 Tips on Taking the Back to School Leap

The idea of being perfect has had such a toxic effect on us, that we can get lost in the storms of new experiences and transitions. School is such a hot topic because it can be such an important aspect of living a well-rounded life AND it’s stressful. There are so many unplanned experiences that pop up for us to deal with; let's call them growing pains! Part of these growing pains are related to developing new routines. Routines take time and the willingness to get vulnerable with yourself and others. During this particular back-to-school season, there are different routines and transitions that are going on; the pandemic has shifted the way we normally do things, and it’s affecting everyone. Creating a schedule can be overwhelming but here are a few tips to help you on your way through the back-to-school transitions!

  1. If you’re learning online this year, create your new learning space. Natural light and a place you can be comfortable and focused is the way to cultivate success being a student-from-home. Be open to changing locations as the term unfolds; you may realize a different location works better for you.  

  2. Minimize distractions when you are in class. It’s even easier to find yourself on your phone or having multiple tabs going on your laptop that are not related to your lecture, when you are learning at home. It’s even more important to be engaged with your class during these times, as connections with classmates may be challenging.

  3. Take care of yourself first. How is your transition going? Accept help if you need it. It’s super normal to need to talk to the counsellors at school, they are there to help! They will know about different resources and where else to direct you within the school for the appropriate help. Remember to look at the whole picture: are you getting enough rest, nourishing yourself properly, do you need to revisit your routine? Take an honest look at how things are going, and plug in the support you need!

  4. Enjoy the moments that feel great. Take time to really soak up when you feel good. School is a different experience for every person but one thing remains common: stress. That is why taking time to enjoy the good times as much as possible is such an important step. Thinking of, feeling, and expressing gratitude are the ingredients to create a life you enjoy, despite the challenges and heartbreaks along the way.