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The Gods of This Day

This morning my son Seth woke up, gave me my morning hug, and then I told him that he and I are gods.We’re the Gods of This Day, and we have the power to make today one of the most amazing days ever.

#ChangeItUpON event was a success!

Sometimes when you get the right people all in one room, magic can happen.  This is how I felt when we worked with 12 young people from the London area to talk about how youth can be, or should be, engaged in creating change in how they access and receive services. 

7 Strategies for dealing with toxic people

Are there people who constantly criticize you, tell you that you can’t do things, make you feel bad about yourself, even yell at you?These are toxic people.

Help us create BeChange!

We are looking for young adults ages 15-30 who are experienced with crowdfunding and awesome to join the BeChange Design team. You will be helping us make BeChange!

System Transformation Is Not Possible

Listen carefully. System transformation is not possible. Cross sectoral collaboration is a nice idea. There is no money or desire to support REAL change.

You’ve made it this far, and you will make it through. You are stronger than you think.

Are you hydrated?  If not, have a glass of water.Have you eaten in the past three hours?  If not, get some food — something with protein, not just simple carbs.  Perhaps some nuts or hummus?

Mindfulness an Aid in Addiction Recovery

In top rehabilitation centers across the globe, mindfulness-based activities (such as yoga, meditation and Tai-Chi) are all the rage.

Same-sex marriage is now legal in EVERY U.S. state! #LoveWins

While prior to today, there were still at least 14 states that banned same-sex marriage, the Justice of the Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage is legal nationwide in USA!

Join our Tweet Chat #SubstanceA2Z

Join mindyourmind on June 30th at 1pm EST for a Tweet Chat about youth and substance use, and to find out about a new online learning module www.mindyourmind.ca/SubstanceUse #SubstanceA2Z

We're moving from monthly to weekly updates!

We are happy to announce our newest change with mindbytes - we're moving from monthly to weekly updates. We're making this change for a few reasons.  The main thing is that there is so much going on that we can't wait to tell you!

mindyourmind reviews Disney Pixar's Inside Out #thefeels

Some of the mindyourmind staff team saw Disney Pixar's Inside Out recently. Here are our thoughts on the film. 

Pressing Issues: Talk. Listen. Connect.

Our community is struggling with the aftermath of recent deaths to suicide.  It is no secret to anyone that we are experiencing unprecedented issues related to mental health and addictions.

Education vs. mental health

I've been a good student ever since I first started going to school. My grades aren't the best, but I managed to get an 84% average in grade 9 and I've always been very focused on my schooling.

Co-Creation, Design Thinking and Youth Engagement

If you know mindyourmind you know that we are more than just a website.