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Why call it bullying? Why not call it what it is?

The term bullying is starting to inspire some apathy. Which would you take more seriously, a kid saying "I am being bullied at school" or one saying "another kid / teacher / human beat me up / discriminated against me / sexually harassed me / etc."?

How to stop hurting yourself

Most Google searches leading to this blog involve the words, “hurt myself.” So many people are looking for help in stopping self-harm, stopping cutting, bruising or any other kind of self-hurting.

Calgary tragedy

Hey Calgary, With care, concern and hope for finding some peace during this awful time, we at mindyourmind want to send our thoughts to you. Please reach out and talk to someone as you are struggling through this.

Worrying about being a leader and about what others think

Q: I am worried about taking a leadership role. I worry a lot about what other people think.  Do you have any advice?

The dream within the dream...

Several years into my recovery from drug addiction I started to have a recurring nightmare in which I’d smoke pot and feel the considerable guilt and anxiety that came along with relapsing.  Still within the dream, I would go to bed and wake up

Balancing critical thoughts and knowing when to take a break.

Critical thoughts can become the constant chatter in our heads and the main tone of our conversation with others.

You'll be ok

You’re walking down the street, and you’re worried about being late for meeting someone. You’re anxious about what they might think of you. You pass some people and worry a bit about what they think of you, without realizing you’re doing it.

Philip Seymour Hoffman and Me

The temptation is to try to explain it in scientific terms.  We want to understand the mystery of a man’s demise, particularly a man who had achieved so much in his career and who, by the nature of his work, was known across the globe.

Medication: some simple facts

Earlier today, a friend told me about a friend of his that had started taking anti-depressants. She said that she felt like “some kind of crazy person” for taking them, and my friend verified for me that she was only taking one or two pills.

Anemia: Part Two

I feel like a deflated balloon on the bottom of a heap of garbage. This anemia problem is really getting old.

"Clara's Big Ride" helps to create change and reduce stigma

Hey there! I'm Inali, the Spoken Word Poet Laureate at mindyourmind. The other day I had the opportunity to volunteer at an event called "Clara's Big Ride".

Clara visits London, Ontario as she bikes across Canada for mental health

A few weeks ago, I had the incredible opportunity to listen to Clara Hughes speak. For those of you unfamiliar with this fabulous person, she is the only Canadian Olympian to have ever won medals in the both the Summer and Winter Olympics.

Use "Be Safe" to find help resources

I can distinctly remember the first time I sat in the emergency room for mental health reasons; distraught, emotional, scared...I was in crisis.

Download Be Safe to help you make decisions in a crisis

Over the last year, a group of youth from mindyourmind created a tool called “Be Safe”, in collaboration with the Centre

The fear of being alone

‘All men’s miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone.’ ~Blaise Pascal A surprising number of people fear being alone. Maybe just about all of us do to some extent.

The responsibility of insecurities

There are often times when my insecurities get the best of me. In those times, I often silently joke to myself, “Insecurity?

The ethics of search and mindyourmind's ‘Ask Amica’

I’m going to guess search ethics isn’t something you think about on a regular basis. After all, the hallmark of good search is that you find what you want without having to think too much.

Lawyers volunteer to provide free confidential legal advice on Teen Legal Helpline

If you've been the victim of a crime, have committed a crime, been wrongfully accused of a crime, are dealing with family law issues, immigration issues or any other legal matters - now you can get free, confidential and anonymous legal advice for teens on

Transforming a report into a zine!

Back in October, I had the unique opportunity to co-facilitate and participate in a zine workshop, as a part of the CYCC Knowledge Mobilization Project.

Suicide prevention video

This beautiful video was created by a group of students who want you to know that, "if you ever feel like suicide is the answer, please look up phone numbers and websites in your local area of a depression/suicide hotline.

Creativity and how I keep it going

So I just read an infographic abo

Letter to an 18-year-old on the career path less traveled

Recently an 18-year-old who is finishing school wrote to me, asking for advice on choosing a career without enough life and work experience to make an intelligent decision.

Strategies for living a balanced life

One of the most frequent obstacles I’m faced with in my journey of living a healthy and balanced life is staying paced and not becoming overwhelmed with all that life has to offer.

Texting at night

I was sent an article by one of my co-workers, and it was about Technology restrictions helping kids not be as grouchy.

Patrick Dion presents "My journey to understanding mental health"

Patrick Dion, Vice-Chair of the Mental Health Commission of Canada, was at Western University on March 5th, to present the talk: “My Journey to Understanding Mental Health.” Through this talk Dion discussed an issue close to his heart: tackling the stigm

U.S. Congressional group calls for government study on eating disorders

The Congressional National Eating Disorders Awareness Caucus has called on the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) to “undertake a review of the prevalence, mortality rate and economic impact of eating disorders in the United States.”