• The universe speaks to us as waves, invigorating, pulsing,
    transforming, diversifying, illuminating, maturing, attracting.
    Infinitely, it speaks to us through fractals and fossils...
    the ‘...ologies’ of earthly studies
    Volcan-, seism-, and ge-
    The universe holds in high esteem the practice of patient
    observation -
    our elderly wisdom and juvenile sciences.

    Universal balance is returned through sovereign cycles and
    seasons, powering

  •      Know i will always be there,
         To wipe a tear,
         To lend a ear.
         Know I will always love you,
         To be a friend,
         To the very end.
         Know i will always come
         To hold your hand
         To face the unplanned.
         Know I will always listen

  • You have a pop bottle and you shake it and it explodes. So much fun to watch, but what happens to the rest of the pop. It is yucky, not fuzzy and terrible.
    Kind of how I feel sometimes.
    When you are a wife you are just supposed to be quiet, listen, set the best example, never be angry. Always be less than anything.
    Sometimes I see myself in the room but I am not really there. Everyone is laughing but me.

  • If there’s one thing you can rely on me for,
    it’s my ability
    to start a fire
    on these pages of this
    nervous novel
    written in a
    perspective riddled
    by climax.

  • Sages and guardians of my

    devastation have sold out to

    the highest



    I gave up reconciliation

    to Jack the



    Now I'm disheveled at the




    my nuclei have descended

    into madness,

    static, bitter

    battles with




    I am an anachronism of



    a solstice over



  • Choice
    SO easy
    They said so easy
    for them yes
    us who suffer
    suffer, who
    your not alone
    alone, not you
    reach out
    pull and scream
    don't give up
    For you will be lifted up
    I WAS.

  • Harder to breath
    As im slipping into the night
    Reminders always there
    Determined to find the bright side
    Explaining is to hard
    Reliving is the hardest

    Throughout the night im at peace
    Only when im asleep im not as disturbed

    Lead me by my hand
    Ive seen it all
    Vacant lands await
    Engulfed in myself and my sorrows


  • A warm wave casting it's arms upon me.
    A beautiful silence caressing my mind.
    You leave me speechless.
    Lost for words.
    I'm looking through the darkness.
    For a sign of survival.
    All these thoughts are trivial.
    Resistance is futile.
    I can't say I look forward to your return.
    I can't say I want to change the way I look.
    I can't say I want to become.
    But I'll be your perfect daughter.
    I'll calm the wars.

  • My life is a made up overly emotional stay in stories

    Hiding depression from all this glory

    Thoughts above my head

    In case I need to remember

    What was said

    In mirrors I see her

    A delusion used up from fantasy

    I’m imagining

    Quiet stirs my loud thoughts

    And eventually push a new plot

    Worry brings out dark concerning matters

    My brain starts to scatter to burn

    Feelings moodily awkward

  • I should act more like me

    When I’m someone else

    You see


    Being too sad

    Hurt trailed feelings

    Mix into the bad

    Rotting away

    On top of old misery

    Who do I need to manipulate?

    To get past another’s admittance gate

    More than enough to scrap

    From the last depression’s relapse

    All my shirts soaked in strain

    From another drippings in pain

    Spooning in the slop

    Willingness never stops