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Canadian Queen of Punk Teams Up with Youth Mental Health Web Site!

January 15, 2007, Bif Naked, Romley Films and Teranet Inc. have joined forces to promote mental health awareness amongst youth and young adults. Mental health disorders can often be characterized by the presence of universal themes such as guilt, fear, anger, loss and loneliness. With financial support from Teranet Inc., Romley Films and produced an animated short entitled Loss. Bif Naked provides the narration.The call to action for the piece is to reach out for help. Diana Ali, a member of the team, indicates, “For each change, something is either lost or gained. At times, the change is minute. Other times, the magnitude is so great, it swallows you whole. Loss will alter a person; it will alter a life. Usually an unwelcome journey, it is one that gets worse – before it can get better. But, it CAN get better. That is the core message that we hope to convey through this piece”.Bif Naked, an iconic Canadian female punk rocker with a wealth of life experience and growth, offered her own voice to deliver a critical message. Bif became involved with out of a true desire to promote positive messages to youth and her fans."When I was asked to lend my voice to this project, I was honored and humbled. Anything that I can do to give my energy to kids who may be at a turning point in their lives fills me with the hope and promise of the beauty of human potential. I am extremely proud of everyone involved, and it is my wish to give love and positivity to people who need it most. Om Nama Shivaya." - Bif Naked.Loss will air January 17th, 2007, at 6:30 p.m. on Star! Channel, and at 7:30.p.m. on AChannel. The animated short on Loss was written by Deborah Bento. Animation is hand drawn using pastels on paper, created by Rory M. Leydier.