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City and Colour and mindyourmind Deliver Music with a Message

June 1, 2007 - City and Colour (Dallas Green of Alexisonfire) has provided the use of the track “Casey’s Song” from his Juno Award winning album, “Sometimes” for the third instalment of our animated shorts series made possible through Teranet Inc. Previous shorts have featured the voice talents of Bif Naked and Justin Furstenfeld of Blue October.

Creators Rory M. Leydier and Deborah Bento offer up their own stunning visual interpretation of the lyrics. In their interpretation, Casey is a young woman who is numb to the world around her. This video captures a day in her life. Casey carries out her daily routines getting ready to go out, walking through a park and meeting with friends. These all become difficult tasks for her to carry out. Even leaving her apartment is almost painful to do. The live action is inter-cut with expressive pastel on paper animation. This animated imagery offers insight on what Casey is thinking and feeling. Music, drawing and emotion intertwine to evoke further exploration of the presented themes.

“With you on my mind, And my heart held in your hands, Screaming, Break me, Break me”

These lyrics seem to encapsulate the struggle that many youth face as they try to connect and understand their relationships and their world.  This experience is universal. As is Casey’s experience.

“I get letters from fans all the time telling me that a song touched them in ways I never anticipated,” says Green. “It’s really great to be able to write music and have people draw meaning from their own lives.”

Video created by: Rory M. Leydier and Deborah Bento for Romley Film 2007. It was produced by 'Casey’s Song’ is  by City and Colour (courtesy of Dine Alone Records). The animated short,“Casey’s Song” is now available for viewing.