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Fanshawe First to Offer 'iCopeU' Mental Health Website for Students

August 27, 2010 - Fanshawe College has partnered with ‘mindyourmind’, a not for profit, award winning youth mental health program, to implement a new web-based resource for college students called ‘iCopeU’.iCopeU and its diverse online resources have been built on the visions of young adults about how and where they want information relating to mental health. iCopeU offers fingertip access to reliable information, stress management and safety planning tools to students who may be struggling with stress, anxiety, or just feeling overwhelmed.Fanshawe College is excited to be the first campus in Canada to bring this resource to its student population.The internet has increasingly become the medium of choice for mental health information and the first point of entry into services for many youth. Through the use of technology and innovative practices, mindyourmind works closely with young adults to create reliable and relevant online content.Visitors to the iCopeU site are encouraged to learn about mental wellness and actively explore personalized coping tools. Students can access information and resources on their terms, and in a fun, dynamic way. Staff from Fanshawe's Library and Media Services together with Counselling and Accessibility Services worked closely with ‘mindyourmind’ staff from Family Service Thames Valley to develop the online mental health portal."We've come up with a tool designed to meet the unique needs of Fanshawe students in our local communities," said Lois Wey, Manager, Counselling and Accessibility Services. "iCopeU provides information about 24/7 emergency services and specialized community resources for issues such as suicide risk, sexual assault, addictions, violence and eating disorders."In addition to community resource information, the website includes meditation and relaxation tools, as well flash-animated games designed to help students develop personal coping skills. iCopeU also promotes awareness and referral to on-campus student services, in essence extending the reach of Fanshawe's existing resources to assist students during 'off hours' or at times when it may be inconvenient or impossible for them to access services in person."This will allow us greater impact," said Wey. "It also enables ground level engagement of the end user through 24/7 access to excellent mental health resources."Fanshawe College is the first Canadian educational campus to provide iCopeU access to its students. The website will launch live as of Friday August 27, and can be accessed at