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MTV Canada Visits mindyourmind

April 22, 2009 - Under the disco ball at mindyourmind headquarters, MTV Canada's news crew visited London recently to listen to young people share their thoughts and concerns regarding the possible closure of the youth engagement programs.

The group of ten mindyourmind youth volunteers weren't without some camera-jitters, but overcame to speak sincerely and from the heart. Some youth proudly quoted five years experience and spoke of involvement in many aspects of mindyourmind including creating first content for the website, developing educational videos and print materials to promote mental health, interviewing bands and sports heroes on topics relevant to mental health and even playing live music at mindyourmind 's official open house.

One young woman credited her involvement with mindyourmind years ago as the catalyst to changing the direction of her life toward a more positive path today. All of the youth interviewed by MTV expressed ownership and pride that mindyourmind opens a virtual door through which young people can walk with anonymity to learn about themselves and how to cope with their stressors, on their own terms. They want that virtual door to remain open.

Just three weeks ago, one young woman, Michelle, knew nothing of mindyourmind, but since learning about its possible closing she's shifted into action. Michelle believes that if mindyourmind was available during her tumultuous teen years she would have been more successful in dealing with her issues. Today, she's mobilized and reached out to her peers, collecting letters of support from close to 300 local high school students. She is a bright example of the opportunity mindyourmind creates in giving young people a voice, a platform and boosting them to become leaders of their generation.

“MTV News is committed to shedding light on social issues that impact our viewers,” said MTV News Host Johnny Hockin. “In the same vein, mindyourmind .ca is a valuable outlet that creates awareness and assists youth coping with mental issues. It’s truly a worthwhile cause that we hope can continue to provide valuable services to youth in our communities.”

The feature will air on Monday, April 27 at 6:30 p.m. ET on MTV News.

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