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Multi-Media Street Team creates campaign 'Define Hope'

June 12, 2012  - Over a six month period, six youth participants, Ashlynn, Davis, Deana, Inali, Jim, and Rob, in partnership with mindyourmind and the support of Libro Financial Group, met weekly to create a series of videos that challenge stereotypes and stigma associated with mental health issues. They also aimed to advance messages of inclusion, inspiring youth to think about how they can help themselves and others during tough times. "I was proud of what we had accomplished and felt more confident and hopeful about my ability to make change happen in my community and in the world.” – Inali

The videos were created using a collaborative process where the youth team members conceptualized the themes in each of the videos, developed content and in all instances starred as the central figures in the videos.  The Public Service Announcement “Define Hope”, demonstrates how emotions, like feeling alone or stressed out, are difficult to verbally communicate, and that printed words can be powerful while not absolute.  The call to action is to increase personal awareness and acceptance and that hope exists in getting help. Another video in the series, “All About mindyourmind”, is a promotional video showcasing as a resource that youth can use to find help for themselves or a friend. The third video highlights the importance of dance as an emotional outlet for personal expression, “Ill At Will Breakdancers”, explores themes of personal identity, self-image and channeling emotions while being part of a group who provides support and respect.

"It was definitely a memorable experience. Being a part of this challenged me with something different. I feel this PSA will impact me for awhile.” – Rob

mindyourmind acknowledges that youth/adult partnerships are a productive and valid way to co-develop resources and tools, for youth, by youth and WITH youth. The Multi-Media Street Team is a perfect example of how these partnerships can affect and mobilize change. “[Upon seeing the final product] I felt empowered, that I am making a difference, and was able speak out about different ways to help yourself, or help a friend.” – Deana

“We created the Community Builder program to give young people an opportunity to shine," says Rob Eagleson, Libro Branch Manager.  “These videos really show that and we’re proud to have played a part in that. We’re glad these young people are more engaged in their communities, we're all better off as a result.  The creativity and passion they bring to this project has been great to see.”

Thank you to our community partner Libro Financial Group for supporting the Multi-Media Street Team and continued support of mindyourmind and our youth teams.