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Tree of Life, created in partnership with National Aboriginal Health Organization (NAHO)

March 1, 2011 - Tree of Life is a multi-lingual web interactive tool that encourages the user to reflect on self care needs and goal planning. Created in cooperation with The Honouring Life Network (HLN), a project of the National Aboriginal Health Organization, Tree of Life offers English, French and Inuktitut audio to enhance accessibility. Consultation with various stakeholders including Aboriginal youth helped to ensure cultural relevancy.

“The collection and dissemination of health – related information, particularly in the areas of mental health and healthy lifestyles for First Nations, Inuit and Métis youth are vital for suicide prevention. This resource is intended to create dialogue and help youth and communities make positive decisions,” states Dr. Paulette C. Tremblay, CEO of NAHO.

This Tree of Life web interactive can be used by individuals and with groups to facilitate discussion and identification of community needs. A DVD version will be distributed to communities that have low bandwidth issues. Special thanks to Bonnie Doiron, Ellie Ivan and Mary Bergin for providing audio translation.

This project was made possible with support from the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC) through its Opening Minds anti-stigma initiative. MHCC is funded by Health Canada. The National Aboriginal Health Organization advances and promotes the health and well-being of all First Nations, Inuit and Métis through collaborative research, Indigenous Traditional Knowledge, building capacity, and community led initiatives.

For more information, contact the Honouring Life Network or contact us.