Research & Evaluation

Information about how we use research and evaluation to support our program aims and objectives.

Mobilizing Minds: Integrated knowledge translation and youth engagement in the development of mental health information resources - 2016

High rates of highly persistent mental health problems can have significantly damaging effects on young adults’ lives, and young adults are less likely to seek treatment for such problems.

mindyourmind: An Overview and Evaluation of a Web-Facilitated Mental Health Program that Applies Empowerment Strategies for Youth - 2016

Many Canadian youth suffering from mental health issues do not access necessary services. There is a need for more evaluation of existing programs that promote access.

Bipolar Youth Action Project - CREST.BD, Bipolar Society of BC, Youth Action Group, mindyourmind - 2016

An action research project conducted in British Columbia to explore effective self-management strategies for youth with bipolar disorder.

In Your Words - Faculty of Education at Western University, mindyourmind, youth team - 2015

Researchers from Western University partnered with mindyourmind staff and a youth team (7 youth aged between 18-25) to co-create guidelines that support youth in telling their personal story with mental illness.

Youth Involvement Model Development - mindyourmind - 2015

Staff and youth advisors co-created a visual representation of how youth are involved at mindyourmind in the form of a smoothie analogy.

Using Technology to Provide Support to Children and Youth in Challenging Contexts - CYCC Network and mindyourmind - 2013

Children and youth in challenging contexts, both in Canada and overseas, face common threats to their mental health that can be better addressed when researchers, service providers, practitioners and communities pool their knowledge, resources and lessons learned of what works best for improving young people's mental health.

"I Could Be On Facebook By Now" - Faculty of Information and Media Studies at Western University and mindyourmind - 2013

The goal of this research was to learn from Canadian youth how they look for online information about mental health and to explore how they would prefer to receive information.

Program Evaluation for the Ministry of Health - 2012

We engaged in a two year evaluation with the Ministry of Health, one of our funders, to find out what the impact of mindyourmind was on website viewers.