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Process Evaluation of Get Real ProvinceWide - 2012

Process Evaluation of Get Real ProvinceWide - 2012

mindyourmind’s Get Real ProvinceWide was a youth driven project focused on the importance of helping a friend who is struggling with a mental health problem.  Eight young people between the ages of 16-24 were recruited from across Ontario to drive the development of a mental health promotion campaign directed at their peers.

Their efforts resulted in the development of two promotional materials: a poster and a Public Service Announcement that were launched during National Mental Health Week, 2011. The PSA was aired on National television for 3 months, in various Bell Media television markets on stations such as TSN and CTV, between segments of shows like "So You Think You Can Dance". During Orientation Week at the University of Western Ontario, the PSA was showcased to over 6000 first year students.

This evaluation questions:

  • To what extent was Get Real ProvinceWide delivered as planned?
  • Were all the elements of the program delivered?
  • What was the experience of Get Real ProvinceWide?
  • What was the reach of Get Real ProvinceWide program?

It includes a discussion and analysis on

  • recruitment processes
  • mental health training and team building
  • social marketing training
  • campaign creation and dissemination