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Using Technology to Provide Support to Children and Youth in Challenging Contexts - CYCC Network and mindyourmind - 2013

Children and youth in challenging contexts, both in Canada and overseas, face common threats to their mental health that can be better addressed when researchers, service providers, practitioners and communities pool their knowledge, resources and lessons learned of what works best for improving young people's mental health. If these groups continue to work within their occupational and disciplinary boundaries, they will fail to mobilize the full potential of evidence documented by researchers, the practice-related knowledge of service providers and practitioners, and the local knowledge of communities. The CYCC Network was developed in response to this need and in the summer of 2013, released three thematic knowledge synthesis reports: violence, technology, and youth engagement.

Ultimately, the three knowledge synthesis reports are interconnected in ways that can help to form a comprehensive strategy for researchers, practitioners, service providers, and communities to address the needs of vulnerable children and youth in Canada and overseas.

mindyourmind recruited a youth team to take a look at the knowledge synthesis report about technology titled "Using Technology to Provide Support to Children and Youth in Challenging Contexts". The youth team then transformed the 100 page report into short, visually creative products - in the form of zines - as a knowledge mobilization strategy.

Check out Taylor's zine in the images! 

Read this blog, Transforming a Report into a Zine, to find out more about the creation of the zines.