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Site FAQs

Common questions and inquiries about our program and website.

I need help right now, I think I might hurt myself.

Please view our crisis page and get the help you need. You deserve help!

Does mindyourmind provide counselling?

No, we don't. mindyourmind is not intended to take the place of professional counselling or treatment.

We are a place where you can find:

How do I know mindyourmind content is credible?

Established in 2004, mindyourmind consists of a team of health care, education and new media professionals dedicated to:

  • reducing the stigma of mental illnesses
  • providing educational and motivational information for youth to change their mental health outcomes

The evidence we use to support our work comes from many sources:

  • working and partnering with youth and young adults
  • professional and youth networks
  • research literature
  • professional journals and conferences
  • on-line communities of practice

Some mindyourmind content is in the form of personal expression; these are the opinions and experiences of individuals. Information from mindyourmind supports, but doesn't replace, professional clinical relationships.

Can I give a suggestion or comment to

Of course! Our website is founded on the principles of co-creation and youth engagement, so we welcome all comments, suggestions and concerns!

You can contact us or email us at

What kinds of 'personal expression' do you post?

All kinds! Seriously, there's pretty much nothing we turn down. Our most popular submissions are:

  • Personal stories
  • Poetry
  • Visual artwork
  • Dance routines
  • Photography
How can I submit my story, artwork, photography, etc?

First off, thanks for wanting to share your story! We really appreciate you contributing to our community!

You can send your submission using our submission form. You also might want to look over our Privacy and Safety Policies before submitting.

Why isn't my comment, blog or story appearing on the website?

There are three reasons for this. First, posting content is not always a quick process. After submitting, it may take up to two weeks to approve your work and display it on mindyourmind. Be patient — if we've gotten a lot of content recently or someone's on vacation, we might not have had time to post yet!

The second reason is that you didn't really mean to submit a blog or story; what you sent was a question. mindyourmind never offers advice, gives counselling or offers a diagnosis to our users. Because we don't provide counselling, we can't respond to any submissions, even if you give us your information. The form is meant to be anonymous; we respect anonymity.

The third reason is that we have chosen not to post your comment, blog or story for a safety reason. Some works have the potential to trigger other users and in these cases, we cannot share your work. We encourage you to rework your submission and try again, keeping in mind that we try to post information that helps others who need help.

How do I find ____________ on mindyourmind?

There are a couple of ways:

  • Use the navigation bar (it's below our logo)
  • Use our search bar — just type in what you want to find and it'll do its best
  • Use our site map. It lists all our content without any of the glamour
  • Use Ctrl-F to search for a specific words on whatever page is open
Why isn't there information on ____________ (specific disorder)?

Long story short; writing up disorder content is really time consuming and difficult. We're in the process of updating our illness pages with new content, and before we started, we asked people who visited our website what information they wanted — we aim to reflect those needs.

But we acknowledge that what we have isn't a complete list. There is good news though! We're always generating new content for mindyourmind. If there's another topic you think we should have information on, please contact us and we'll keep track of requests. These will be the basis for when we add information about new disorders.

Are there chat rooms or discussion forums on mindyourmind?

No, at this time, we do not provide chat rooms or discussion forums.

There are two reasons for this. The first issue (and most serious) is an issue of safety. We do not offer direct counselling and therefore, cannot offer professional help or ensure your safety in using a chat forum platform.

The second issue is time. It is simply not possible for us to be available to help people 24/7/365. We apologize for this but our program simply does not have a volume of staff or trained volunteers that could undertake a project of this scale.

Can I volunteer at mindyourmind?

Yes! If you would like to volunteer, please contact us.

Volunteering for mindyourmind is quite different than with any other organization. Our major volunteer commitments are through Street Teams, which take place either online or in person. These occur a few times a year and are the basis for the creation of most of our tools, promotional materials and more. That said, we might not always have a team starting when you contact us. In the meantime, there are other ways you can contribute to our website, anytime.

You can:

  • Submit your personal expression and share what helps you cope
  • Write interview questions and interview celebrities on our behalf
  • Promote mindyourmind or mental health awareness in your school or community
  • Participate in one-time focus groups to provide feedback.
  • Spread the word! Help someone out and let them know about the site 
  • Sign up for our monthly newsletter, mindBYTES, to receive monthly updates

Just contact us and let us know what you're interested in doing.

I don't live in Canada. Can I still volunteer?

Of course! We encourage anyone from all over the world to get involved. Contact us and let us know what you're interested in doing.

I want to promote mindyourmind on my website. Is this okay?

Yes, absolutely!

By providing a link to and supporting mindyourmind, you are helping to promote the wellness and well-being of others that may need this resource. If we can help in any way, let us know.

You have awesome content! How can I print it?

Well thank you! Depending on what you want to print, there is a different way to print.

  • You can print posters by downloading the pdf and printing them.
  • Some tools have a print feature once you complete the tool. 
  • If you're interested in our content pages, you can print from your browser. Our pages are optimized for printing, so print away!