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Team Members

Heather, Program Manager 
Heather is a passionate and enthusiastic youth ally who tries to find adventure in everyday life. She spends her work hours making connections and bringing a clinical perspective to our multi-disciplinary team. Heather has been with mindyourmind since 2006 and has experienced first-hand the powerful impact that results from combining youth, mental health and technology to create meaningful change.

Michelle, Creative Lead
Michelle is one of mindyourmind's founding members and can't imagine a more perfect position. The ‘Graphics Queen’ loves to collaborate with young people and expand on the creativity they bring. Michelle hates early morning meetings, Times New Roman and diabetes! She loves her laptop and iPhone and will always have one or the other in her hands.

Silence, Web and Community Developer
Made in Zimbabwe, refined in Canada, Silence has been with mindyourmind since 2008. He is a newly-minted father, wordsmith, community builder, radio host, and webpreneur. He is a firm supporter of our local community and enjoys afternoon tea parties and all kinds of food, especially those at Victoria Park Festivals in the summer. He loves playing soccer and sending 3am emails.

Scarlett, Youth Development Coordinator
Scarlett has been volunteering with mindyourmind since 2012 and is now a member of the staff team. As a Psychology graduate from King's University College at Western, she is passionate about all things related to the subject and is a proud mental health advocate. She also loves playing sports, board games, spending time outdoors in the countryside, hanging out with friends and family, and over-referencing The Office. "I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.".

Marnie, Engagement and Partnership Coordinator
Marnie has been happily working frontline in the mental health field for over a decade. She has spent years advocating for the youth she has served who experience mental health and addiction issues. She is beyond excited to continue working with youth and young adults by being a strong support for users of mindyourmind. Marnie always tries to find humour in everything and believes in the saying “Every day is a new day”. She goes by a variety of nicknames (Marsbar, Marnie the Carnie, Marns, etc.) and enjoys gardening, swimming, relaxing and laughing with friends.

Kathryn, Youth Liaison
Kathryn is a recent MSW graduate currently trying to #adult. Prior to joining mindyourmind Kathryn worked with youth in the community development sector. She loves being part of a team and working on creative projects. In her spare time Kathryn is a proud plant parent, home chef and avid volunteer. Kathryn is excited to be a part of the mindyourmind team and looks forward to working on innovative and stigma busting projects.

Justin, Research and Evaluation Lead
Justin is a recent Master of Public Health graduate from Western University with interests in mental health, food and nutrition, and program evaluation. Born and raised in Toronto, he's made the move down the 401 to enjoy the greener spaces and cheaper rents of the Forest City. He is eager to be a part of the mindyourmind team, supporting effective program development. Away from the office, he enjoys sports (watching), board games (doing), and dance (both).

Kyle, Graphic and Web Design
Kyle has spent most of his life promising the people around him that someday he will grow up... just not right now. When he's not developing web games and creating content for mindyourmind you can find him playing board games or building a fort out of couch cushions and watching cartoons and scary movies. Having first joined the crew in 2005 and now back in 2018, he is the OG mindyourmind hipster who was totally into them before they got cool.

Elora, Youth Development Coordinator
Elora is a soon-to-be BSW student at King’s University College, and has been volunteering with mindyourmind since 2015. Now as a member of the staff team, she is excited to continue to use her voice to eradicate stigma around mental health, and to create meaningful change for young people. Besides being known for her fiery hair, Elora is an avid napper, a dog enthusiast and loves to travel the globe.

Carolyn, Curriculum Developer
Carolyn has been working as a Child and Youth Care Practitioner since 2001, in many different areas, all including mental health and addictions. Carolyn is a Reiki Master as well and loves to do energy healing work. Carolyn is passionate about helping others and supporting them along their own unique journey in life! Carolyn has three children, a boy and two girls, one of which is her Angel Baby. Carolyn loves astrology, coffee, eating at different local places, randomly singing songs, being with her family and friends, and laughing as much as possible! Carolyn is jacked to be a part of mindyourmind and hopes to create lasting impacts within our local communities and across Canada.

Nathan, Instructional Designer
Nathan is an energetic and passionate youth advocate who has spent over two decades supporting youth with mental health and wellness. Through his work in public health, youth program development and coaching, Nathan brings a wide range of experiences in supporting youth to achieve their personal goals and to make positive change in their community. When not in the office Nathan spends most of his time taking care of his fur baby, playing volleyball or coaching basketball.

David, Youth Development Coordinator
David is the newest member of the mindyourmind team, doing a summer internship with Huron University. He is a mature student currently in his second year of East Asian Studies. He speaks English, Japanese, terrible, broken Spanish and a few basic phrases in Mandarin Chinese. A lover of anime, fitness and weird music, you can often find him working out at the gym across the street from the mindyourmind office or blasting some random band through a pair of headphones (or both). He loves travelling and has lived abroad twice, in Taiwan and Colombia, and hopes to go study in Japan next year. David has Autism Spectrum Disorder with depression and OCD and he hopes to spread the word to Canada’s youth that they are not alone.