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Team Members

Heather, Director
Heather is a passionate and enthusiastic youth ally, championing for youth advocacy in a variety of community settings throughout her career. Heather has been with mindyourmind since 2006 and is inspired and energized by the process of combining youth insight, health promotion and technology together. When she's not trying to change the system, she loves to be outdoors, in the forest, by a lake, or on the beach - the more remote the better.

Michelle, Creative Lead
Michelle is one of mindyourmind's founding members and can't imagine a more perfect position. The ‘Graphics Queen’ loves to collaborate with young people and expand on the creativity they bring. Michelle hates early morning meetings, Times New Roman and diabetes! She loves her laptop and iPhone and will always have one or both in front of her.

Scarlett, Community Engagement and Partnership Lead 
Scarlett started as a volunteer with mindyourmind in 2012 and became a member of the staff team in 2016. As a psychology graduate from King's at Western, she is passionate about all things related to the subject. She is a proud mental health and social justice advocate who loves learning, playing sports, board games, spending time in nature, being an aunt, and over-referencing The Office. "I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious".

Kyle, Graphic and Web Design
Kyle has spent most of his life promising the people around him that someday he will grow up... just not right now. When he's not developing web games and creating content for mindyourmind you can find him playing board games or building a fort out of couch cushions and watching cartoons and scary movies. Having first joined the crew in 2005 and now back in 2018, he is the OG mindyourmind hipster who was totally into them before they got cool.

Elora, Outreach Facilitator
Elora is not a stranger to mindyourmind. In 2015, she started as a volunteer and in 2018 she was hired as a Youth Development Coordinator. In 2020, after finishing her Bachelor of Social Work degree at King’s University College, Elora returned to mindyourmind and is currently an Outreach Facilitator. She is passionate about mental health advocacy and her lived/living experience allows her to bring a unique perspective to the work mindyourmind does. Elora is looking forward to travelling the globe again and enjoys hiking, cozying up on the couch to watch movies and tv shows, and spending time with family and friends.

Josh, Research and Evaluation Lead
Josh joined mindyourmind as the Research and Evaluation Lead in 2021. He got his M.Sc. in Psychology from Western University, where he studied category learning in humans, how depression affects working memory, and the short term effects of mindfulness meditation practice. Josh enjoys training in swordplay, blacksmithing, playing music, and spending his weekends sleeping in. In his spare time, Josh records a storytelling podcast called Late and Legends.

Simran, Youth Liaison
Simran recently joined mindyourmind as the Youth Liaison. She is a graduate from Humber’s Addictions and Mental Health postgraduate program and has a background working with youth. Her passions include advocating for accessible mental health spaces & encouraging self care practices. As part of her own self care she spends time painting mandala patterns and designs. If she’s not working or painting you can find her at the beach or somewhere outdoors spending time with her sisters and friends. 

Sanchi, Marketing Content Creation Intern
Sanchi joined mindyourmind in 2022 as the Marketing Content Creation Intern making her the newest kid on the block. She is currently pursuing an Honors Specialization in Economics from Western University. She is really passionate about social media and its power to bring a community together. In her spare time, she likes to thrift and recreate TikTok food recipes.  

Natalie, Communications and Marketing Intern
Natalie joined mindyourmind in 2022 as the Communications and Marketing Intern for the summer. She is currently pursuing an Honours Specialization in Psychology and a Minor in Studio Arts at Western University. She enjoys creating fun art as well as dancing.