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12 Days of mindyourmind: Day 10 - mood. by mindyourmind

The 12 Days of mindyourmind blog series seeks to highlight the ways in which you can use the tools we’ve created with the youth you work with. We know that it can be difficult to think of new ideas, so we’ve compiled some of our best resources and interesting ways to use them.

mood. is a free app launched by mindyourmind earlier this year. It was created with the feedback from young adults who wanted a mood and sleep tracking app. We wanted mood. to feel more customizable, while still free! With mood. you can take charge of your mental health and the app itself. As a user, you can: 

  • Choose the colour of the faces to describe your mood
  • Enter unlimited mood entries each day
  • Make unlimited notes to describe what is going on 
  • Scroll through over 200 wellness tips
  • Track your sleep patterns
  • See and share a pie chart of your mood entries and a graph of hours slept

All of this information is summarized in the mood. report that can be emailed to the user, their health care professional, or any other supports they have that might benefit from this insight. We wanted to highlight that when someone is starting medication or struggling with an aspect of their well being (such as sleep), it’s easier to refer to a report and use the information to decide what helps you shift from negative feelings to wellness.

Have your clients go through the app and enter their moods and sleep patterns for a week, and then ask them to come up with a summary of their experience using an app that helps them track these things. Or, you could have the youth come up with an easy project on their own that involves using the app and promoting it to their peers.

We hope this has given you some inspiration. If you have any different ideas or interesting ways you’ve used our tools, we’d love to hear about it. Stay tuned for our next installment of The 12 Days of mindyourmind, dropping tomorrow!