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The 12 Days of mindyourmind: Day 3 - How’s It Growing?

12 Days of mindyourmind: Day 3 - How’s It Growing?

The 12 Days of mindyourmind blog series seeks to highlight the ways in which you can use the tools we’ve created with the youth you work with. We know that it can be difficult to think of new ideas, so we’ve compiled some of our best resources and interesting ways to use them.

How’s It Growing? is a fun quiz (available in English, French and Arabic) that assigns you a type of plant depending on how you answer questions about self care. Based on your results, you will learn what area of self care you could improve on and get tips on how to do so. At the end of the game, you will be able to print out your results, along with a beautiful image to colour. This can be used as an activity with individuals or a group, and is a great way to start a conversation about self care. If you decide to do this as a group activity, consider asking each participant to share their favourite tip.

We hope this has given you some inspiration. If you have any different ideas or interesting ways you’ve used our tools, we’d love to hear about it. Stay tuned for our next installment of The 12 Days of mindyourmind, dropping tomorrow!