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The 12 Days of mindyourmind: Day 5 - ConnexGO

The 12 Days of mindyourmind: Day 5 - ConnexGO

The 12 Days of mindyourmind blog series seeks to highlight the ways in which you can use the tools we’ve created with the youth you work with. We know that it can be challenging to think of new ideas, so we’ve compiled some of our best resources and interesting ways to use them.

ConnexGO is a free app, launched in 2019 by ConnexOntario, that allows you to find mental health, addictions and problem gambling treatment online, instead of calling them directly. There will be a variety of questions to answer to get you to the proper services you need, in the area you live in. 

  • 24 hr live chat with ConnexOntario’s information and referral specialists to find appropriate services near you
  • Save services you are interested in on the dashboard to remember later
  • FAQ section answers questions about what to expect when reaching out for professional help
  • You can also seek help for a friend or family member

Showing youth the ConnexOntario website and its main functions is a good way to introduce this resource. Having youth download the free app on their phones and go through it for 10 minutes is probably all it takes to get accustomed to the features. Another activity could be having the youth come up with different situations that would require professional help for a mental health crisis, addictions or gambling problem that they could then role play and find a relevant service through the app. There are different ways you could use this app to have an interactive activity with the youth you work with, and this could live on in their phones to possibly help them in the future.

We hope this has given you some inspiration. If you have any different ideas or interesting ways you’ve used our tools, we’d love to hear about it. Stay tuned for our next installment of The 12 Days of mindyourmind, dropping tomorrow

Download: ConnexGo Android  | ConnexGo iOS