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12 Days of mindyourmind: Day 9 - Bringing Home the Bacon

12 Days of mindyourmind: Day 9 - Bringing Home the Bacon

The 12 Days of mindyourmind blog series seeks to highlight the ways in which you can use the tools we’ve created with the youth you work with. We know that it can be difficult to think of new ideas, so we’ve compiled some of our best resources and interesting ways to use them. 

The holiday season is notoriously expensive! It can be hard to keep track of your expenses and make sure all your bills are paid, while also buying the perfect gifts for all of your loved ones, but don’t worry! mindyourmind has your back in the form of Bringing Home the Bacon.

Bringing Home the Bacon was created in partnership with Libro, Family Service Thames Valley and a group of local youth. This tool aims to teach all users a little something about spending, saving, budgeting and more. Along with the trivia questions, there are tips that pop up throughout the game to jumpstart conversations around these concepts. If you need more information, we’ve provided additional resources. To access these resources, start the game and click the phone to the right of the screen. You can play with up to four teams so that everyone gets into the competitive spirit and learns a few new things. This is a great activity if you need to fill an unexpected programming gap. It makes an intimidating topic fun and accessible! 

We hope this has given you some inspiration. If you have any different ideas or interesting ways you’ve used our tools, we’d love to hear about it. Stay tuned for our next installment of The 12 Days of mindyourmind, dropping tomorrow!