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12 Days of Resources: #10 Ontario Online Text and Crisis Service

For Day 11 of our 12 Days of Resources blog series we’re highlighting a crisis line you can text instead of call!

Talking to a stranger can be very intimidating and overwhelming. There will be times when you are feeling alone, vulnerable and in crisis it can be difficult to physically speak to someone on the phone. Toronto Distress Centre has come out with a new online and texting service for people seeking support. You can lead the conversation and they will support you through a crisis or if you need to discuss any problems you are having. This online or text service is confidential and you can communicate in privacy where people around you won’t be able to hear what you are saying. Text 741741 to start your conversation with a support person from the distress centre. Click for more info on the on-line chat

This service is for anyone of any age but take note that it currently only runs from 2 pm to 2 am. They have made it clear that it is a “soft-launch” which means they are testing this program and addressing technical difficulties as they come. You may encounter a glitch or two, which is normal for any new program. It looks like they are also looking for feedback from their users so make sure to fill out the post survey they offer.

For anyone needing support outside of the time 2 pm to 2 am there are distress lines you can call 24 hrs a day.

Check out for coping tips and blogs! It’s a great place to go when feeling like you need more options and support. Here are some great interactives handpicked for you!