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12 Days of Resources: #6 Trans Lifeline

As part of our 12 Days Resources series, we are highlighting a great resource for anyone who identifies as trans. The Trans Lifeline is primarily for transgender people experiencing a crisis. This includes people who may be struggling with their gender identity and are not sure that they are transgender. They aim to support questioning, transgender and transitioning people. They will work with you to connect you to services that might be helpful. The Trans Lifeline is staffed by transgender people themselves, as a result they are more likely to understand your struggles and concerns.

The line operates 18 hours a day 7 days a week.

Callers from Canada: 877-330-6366

Callers from the States: 877-565-8860

Pacific time: 8am to 2am
Mountain time: 9am to 3am
Central time: 10am to 4am
Eastern time: 11am to 5am

If you need support outside of these operating hours here are some distress lines you can call 24 hrs a day.

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