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12 Days of Self Care: 13 of the Best Things to do by Yourself

The holidays can be a lonely time if you aren’t close with your family or live far away. It can be hard to be alone during this extra festive time. Just because you’re alone doesn’t mean you have to be lonely! Often we wait to have friends or family with us before we do fun or special things but I think we should change our approach! Once you start doing more things alone you might find a newfound sense of freedom! If you’re not sure where to start check out this list of suggestions!

  1. Go for a walk! Check out this article for some helpful tips!
  2. Cook something special for yourself. Check out this blog for some helpful tips.
  3. Organize and clean your space
  4. Take up a hobby
  5. Plan a trip (It doesn’t matter if you’ll go or not - just pretend and let your imagination run wild!)
  6. Do something creative
  7. Go see a movie
  8. Visit a museum
  9. Go to the library
  10. Call a friend or relative
    Have a themed skype date. For example the theme could be pizza party (you both eat pizza), silly hat, extreme makeup, etc.
  11. Cuddle a furry friend
  12. Read - immerse yourself in someone else’s life story
  13. Reflection Time - review achievements set goals for improvement

We hope you enjoy some of these suggestions! If you find yourself persistently lonely and sad it might be good to get some extra support. Check out this page for some help getting started.   

Here are some additional helpful resources: