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12 Days of Self Care: 8 Tips to Help You Save Time for What Matters

12 Days of Self Care: 8 Tips to Help You Save Time for What Matters

Feel like you never have time to breathe and get the important stuff done? Are you always running behind and showing up late? Are you tired of your time running away from you? Here are some tips to test out:

    1. Get a Planner

      You can use a physical planner or an electronic planner. All of your commitments will be in one place and it will be easier and less stressful to get through your day to day activities.

    2. Observe your schedule

      Once you start using your planner you will be able to see where your time is going. Tracking your time will allow you to see what is taking up the most space in your life. Take time and reflect on how you are spending your time:

      • Are you balancing your time between obligations and fun?
      • What activities do you enjoy?
      • What activities do you not like?
      • How can you make more room in your life for the things you enjoy?

      Once you do this you’ll be better able to make decisions about where your time will be going in the future. This is especially important during the holidays because there are a lot of obligations and not all of them are fun/enjoyable. You don’t have to do everything someone asks of you.   

    3. Learn to say no

      This takes practice but it will become easier over time. Saying no let’s you say yes to things you really care about. If you have less to do it means that you can put time and energy into the things that matter to you. Saying no gives you time to do things you actually want to do. If you need some extra tips check out this article

    4. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep

      Your brain will work better and you’ll be better able to tackle the things you actually have to do. If you need some help getting good sleep check out this article.

    5. Don’t book things back to back

      You won’t be late and you’ll give yourself a bit of time to recharge your brain.

    6. Time limits

      Be realistic about how much time you need to complete a certain task, give yourself a time limit for every activity. Having a time limit might push you to work harder because you’ll have a clear idea of when it will actually be over and there is pressure from the time crunch.

    7. Plan your day

      Before you start your day consider you want to get done. What is the most important task? This is important to consider because it will help you keep focus and get things done instead of being distracted by other less important matters.

    8. Schedule rewards!

      You’re working hard, treat yo self! It will keep you motivated and on track.

If you try out these tips but they don’t work for you immediately don’t get discouraged, keep trying, it can take a few tries before something becomes a habit! Also don’t be afraid to change things up. If one of these tips really isn’t working for you try something else. You know yourself best, trust yourself.

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