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12 Days of Self Care: The Benefits of Sleep

Feeling exhausted is something that affects so many people. The lack of sunshine and warm temperature puts us into a physical state that takes time to adjust to. There’s more to hours of sleep clocked in, it’s all about the quality of sleep. During this time of year it is important to stay on track with your health because winter can feel never ending. 

Here are some tips to think of if you are feeling worn out and not well rested.

  • Is your bedroom an inviting space where you feel comfortable?
  • Did you know that 7 to 8 hours of sleep is recommended for general health
  • Sleeping too much isn’t healthy. Start tracking your sleep and using your alarm.
  • Exercise can help you get quality sleep

Create a sleep “challenge” for yourself and focus on a night time routine for more than 5 days. It could turn into a habit to benefit you in the long run.