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12 Days of Self Care: Embrace the Outdoors

I am not a winter person. I love spring, summer and fall but I hate winter! It’s slippery, cold, dirty and you have to put on so many layers before going outside. To put it simply, winter zaps my energy. 

Even though I’m not a fan of winter, there are some benefits to being outside. These benefits are things like increased energy, fun and creative boosts. That’s why I am going against my nature this winter,  I am trying to spend more time outside. I’ve compiled some tips that might help if you’re interested in joining the challenge!

  1. Bundle Up

    The most important piece of enjoying the weather is dressing appropriately. If you’re cold or your feet get wet you’re not going to enjoy yourself. That being said winter gear can be expensive, if you’re not equipped check out the thrift store, borrow from your friends/family or connect with community agencies. 
  2. Admire the beauty

    Winter is an incredibly beautiful season, set aside some time to observe and appreciate the view. A great way to train your brain is to try and find one thing that has changed since the last time you were outside. You’d be surprised how easy this is!
  3. Make yourself work for it

    You don’t have to commit to a three hour hike everyday to get the benefits of the outdoors. An easy way to do this is get off the bus a few stops early or park a little farther than normal. Starting small will help you stick to this new habit! 
  4. Travel Back in Time

    A great way to renew your love of the outdoors is to reflect on what you liked doing as a kid. Did you love to have massive snowball fights, make snow forts, snow angels, skating or tobogganing? What was your favourite? Go out and do it!! 
  5. Give yourself a challenge

    Some people need a challenge to spice things up and force themselves to stick to a new routine. Maybe you are one of them? If so make a challenge like walking a certain distance each day. Make sure to track your progress! Seeing your progress add up might motivate you more!
  6. Retreat & Reward

    Personally, I think the best part of going outside is coming back in. You have the satisfaction of knowing you had fun outside and appreciated the outdoors but then you get to go inside, curl up in a blanket, drink hot chocolate and veg. What could be better?!

I hope these tips work for you! If you have something to add let us know, we always love feedback!

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