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12 Days of Self Care: Feeling Fulfilled

12 Days of Self Care: Feeling Fulfilled

Woah it’s the end of the year! Where did the year go? Is it time to review where you are at in career, home, relationships (including friendships).

Feeling content and motivated in life is a constant evolution and it never stops. When something difficult arises, how do we handle it? Are we 100% devastated and instantly frustrated? It’s time to plan what to do if something difficult does happen in our day to day.

Friendships and relationships are very important but are they fulfilling? Do the people in your life add love, happiness and support? The ending of a year is a time where we can review ourselves and see if in all areas we are feeling truly happy. Maybe in the new year, some changes are needed to get to that happiness.

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.~ Charles R. Swindoll