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12 Innovative Ways to Reach Young People and a Few Reflections Too

12 Innovative Ways to Reach Young People and a Few Reflections Too

They say the only constant in life is change; every day something in our lives change, whether we pay any attention to it or not, things still change. We may not want them to, or maybe we really want them to, but regardless, things still change. At mindyourmind we continue to experience change in our program -some small changes and some bigger changes, but LOTS of changes! One exciting change I’d like to share is that after 10 years working as the Youth Projects and Community Partnership Lead at mindyourmind, I am thrilled to move into the position of Program Manager! I have been so fortunate to be directly involved with so many youth over the years, and am inspired regularly by the young people I have worked with and continue to work with.

And of course, change leads me to... reflecting.

Reflections! We all reflect from time to time, some people reflect each day on things that went wrong, things they said, or things they wish they had done differently. Some people don’t reflect at all - but would rather think about looking forward and moving ahead.

Our staff team recently reflected on our past year and a half (using a method that we LOVE) and collaged some of our biggest projects that we have been working away on. This zine describes 12 different projects that we did with youth and young adults - co-creating every step of the way. We examined each process, and noted the challenges and the wins. It really is magical to see what is produced at the end of our Design Studio process and when true youth engagement and collaboration happens.  

Take a look at the mindyourmind 2016/2017 Zine of Projects that each represent the unique and innovative ways in which we work and connect with young people.