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16 Inspirational Women!

It’s International Women’s Day on Sunday, March 8th and it’s a chance for us to celebrate the amazing work of women across the world. We’ve decided to highlight the phenomenal women we were able to interview in the last year. We hope you enjoy and feel inspired!

Helen Knott

We interviewed Helen Knott, author, poet, activist, and social worker. You might have seen her earlier this year from this viral video Poet Calls Out Justin Trudeau on Indigenous Rights.

Daniella Zanich and Johanna Louie

This was an interview with Suicide is Different's Daniela & Johanna. They are both social workers, in the United States, who created a toolkit for suicide caregivers after noticing a gap in the supports.

Kathleen Smith

We interviewed Kathleen Smith, a licensed therapist based in Washington, DC. She recently wrote a book about anxiety and has a free weekly newsletter, The Anxious Overachiever.  

Lexi Ding

Lexi Ding is a student at Western University, she noticed that there was very little conversation being had around East Asian mental health so she decided to create a group to tackle just that! Watch our video interview with Lexi about Project T.E.A. (Talks of East Asian), immigrating to Canada, coping with transitions and more! She also has a passion for food blogging, you can find her on Instagram @lexi._.eats.

Evonne Sullivan

Evonne is a yoga teacher based in Toronto, ON. She teaches yoga for wellness and recovery and is in recovery herself. In this interview Evonne guides us through a practice we can all use in when feeling overwhelmed.

Silken Laumann

We interviewed Silken Laumann, an Olympic rower, known best for her incredible recovery and bronze medal win in 1992. She recently launched the website, Unsinkable, which is a platform for people to share stories that inspire, motivate, teach, support and encourage us. 


Lauren is the creator of the Living Well with Schizophrenia YouTube channel where she speaks first hand about her experience with schizoaffective disorder. We had the chance to interview her about her life after diagnosis, the world of YouTube, self care and much more!

Jill Barber

Jill is a retired teacher and Zentangle instructor, she came in to teach the mindyourmind team how to Zentangle and we were able to interview her about creative ways to improve your mental health.

Nancy Carneiro

Nancy is a horticultural therapist and promotional coordinator for the Canadian Horticultural Therapy Association. She was gracious enough to take the time to chat with us and tell us all about horticultural therapy.


We had the chance to interview one of our own, our Youth Development Coordinator, Scarlett. We had the opportunity to interview Scarlett about her "coming out" journey. Also check out Scarlett’s blogs.


Jamie-Lee is very active in the London, ON community and is a queer polyamorous woman who is married. We had the pleasure to interview her about her journey.

Raghad El-Niwairi

Raghad is a former member of the London Youth Advisory Council (LYAC) and co-founder of the InterAction Collective. We spoke to her about self care, getting involved in the community and balancing responsibilities.

Ainsley Jeffery

Ainsley is a high school senior who is actively involved in her community. In our interview she shares how passionate she is about getting youth involved in politics and created her own organization, Being Our Future, to make her vision a reality.

Arielle Kayabaga

Arielle is a city councillor in London, ON. She was elected in the 2019 election and became the first black female city councillor London’s history. In this interview she tells us how passionate she is about advocating for marginalized groups and is making changes at city hall.

This list consists of women we’ve interviewed this year.

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