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2020 Has Arrived

Well, it’s here; January 1st! There is always so much hoopla around this day: New Year, New Me! To be honest, I don’t think there is such a thing as a new me.

It sounds seductive to think that everything that has been holding you back, past pain or trauma, your mental health, toxic relationships, or current struggles automatically dissolve on January 1st, as you’ve claimed “This year, is a new me!”. What an incredibly high bar to reach! As the day moves into the next and the month and even the year unfolds, we learn that this “new us” is really still the “old us”. No wonder why our mental health takes a hit; feelings of guilt, shame, frustration, and plain old feeling run down ensue.  

True change is an evolution. There is no “new me”, it’s simply an evolved me. When I take stock of all of the things I want to change, it means breaking that change down into smaller steps so that I can make change and evolve. Something I like to do is to think about what an evolved version of myself looks and feels like. I take time to feel that vibration and what would my evolved self be doing. What does your evolved self say to me? This is a simple exercise that makes me feel grounded and better about where I am headed.  When I’m feeling lost or unsure of the direction to take, I take a moment to slow down and do that exercise. I can’t forget things that have happened throughout my life that have impacted the person I am today, or even the speed of the process of my own growth and evolution. But here is what I do know, when you continue to work on yourself, the change comes.

My New Year's wish to you, is that you find some time to get in tune with your higher self and feel what comes to you and what realistic goals you can make for yourself today. Maybe you have a loved one you need to set a boundary with; maybe you need to finish high school in order to pursue a passion you have that requires some post-secondary education; maybe you need to extend an olive branch to someone; maybe you need to drop off your resume to that place you have always wanted to work...whatever it is, take your time, ask for help if you need it, work with your reality but dream big! 

Happy New Year xoxo!