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2021 Vibes

New Years Eve was spent much differently this year, eh? I’m still processing 2020! Last NYE I made two vision boards: a personal and a professional one. It was pretty interesting to see how many of the items I put on these boards did come to fruition despite the pandemic. But it did get me thinking of how I wanted to put my manifestations out into 2021. I’ve long since known that much is out of my control, but 2020 took that understanding and flipped it on its head. It got me thinking that perhaps, I need to think about 2021 differently as well as how I can accomplish things. 

Instead of making new vision boards, I decided to take some time and fill in some of the empty spaces with adjustments. Travel was a huge part of what I wanted to do; instead of being able to go anywhere, I decided to get clear about where in fact I do want to go when we can travel again. I added in those destinations and it felt good to think about the “one day” of this!  I’m going to keep adding in things as they come up; flexible planning is a must in these times.

Over the pandemic my career shifted from working in an office to working remotely from home. It got me thinking about how much I have loved to be home and how I can create the kind of life I want for myself by working remotely. When my anxiety is bad, when my family dynamics are sucking, when I haven’t had enough sleep, I still feel so grateful to be able to feel and be how I truly am feeling and being because I am at home. I can be in comfortable clothing, work on my couch or in my room and in general just be more gentle with myself. From my perspective, 2020 showed the world that many careers can bloom remotely. 

In terms of my personal life, the space from almost everyone has been a bizzaro blessing. People I felt were super close, suddenly were not. Some people were draining my energy and not really here for me; it was so much easier to acknowledge as we were in positions to keep to our own bubbles and not see many people. Now that we’re back in lockdown, I am even more committed to honouring myself and my family. If the relationship is not healthy, I don’t want it. I want to spend time with people who bring value into my life and don’t drain all of my good juju. I realized over the pandemic, that sometimes, this means having no one around for the time being. Not to imply there aren’t amazing loved ones in my life, but sometimes even they are not available to distract me, keep me company, or save me from the challenges. That makes it even more imperative to have healthy people in my life. 

Lastly...who the heck knows what’s gonna happen next! Choosing my battles over the pandemic has been a process and that continues into this year. It’s okay to take time to decide what really matters and what you really need and want to focus on. We’ve learned how adaptable we can become, and that despite what 2020 threw our way, the world keeps turning. If plans don’t work out, maybe that was for our greater good in some way? If we’ve had to rework our goals, perhaps those original drafts were not meant to be yet? Whatever comes next, as I mentioned earlier, flexible planning is the way to go!

Happy New Year!