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4 Extremely Specific Playlists for Seasonal Depression

4 Extremely Specific Playlists for Seasonal Depression

Fall is my favourite season. A new school year, town fairs, football games, carving pumpkins, homecoming, candied apples, Halloween and eventually the first snow fall are just some of the aspects of the season I look forward to. Despite this, every year when the first snowfall hits, my heart sinks a little in my chest. The beauty of autumn cannot mask the impending winter. After the excitement fizzles, I find myself struggling to wake up every day. On dark, chilly mornings, I never want to leave the comfort of my own sheets. I cannot study outside on park benches or convince myself to trek to campus just to go to the library. My skin dries out, the sun rises later and sets earlier. Trapped inside all day and night, I search and search for motivation. Suddenly, my mood only matches the vibes of folklore and evermore by Taylor Swift. The lack of Vitamin D has detrimental effects on us all.

What is Seasonal Depression?

According to NHS UK, symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (or SAD) include, “a persistent low mood, a loss of pleasure or interest in normal everyday activities, irritability, feelings of despair, guilt and worthlessness, feeling lethargic (lacking in energy) and sleepy during the day, sleeping for longer than normal and finding it hard to get up in the morning, and craving carbohydrates and gaining weight.” 

These Spotify playlists have helped me combat my seasonal depression by making me feel motivated, energized and heard.

  1. Pre-gaming my seasonal depression
  2. No more seasonal depression 
  3. Good vibes only 
  4. My life is a movie

To learn more visit the SAD Illness page on our website as well as these tips Coping with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).