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4 Ways to Increase Sun Intake When it’s Cold Outside

Increase Sun Intake When it’s Cold Outside

Living in Canada we know that it can be extremely difficult to get enough sun. Especially in the winter months. Here are 4 ways to increase your sun intake as we slowly wait for summer.

  1. Sit in front of your window when it's sunny.
    This is my favourite. There is nothing better than catching some sunshine on a random gloomy day. I like to sit on the floor in front of the glass door to my balcony and just soak in the sun for a few minutes before going back to finish up some work.

  2. Go for a walk when the sun is out.
    This might be a bit harder especially with it being cold outside but it is definitely worth it. Wear some boots, your jacket, scarf, mitts and a hat and head outside for a quick walk. If walking isn’t your thing, find a spot with a lot of sun and just stand there for a bit.

  3. Turn on a sun lamp to increase that feeling of it being sunny.
    Although not a conventional way to increase your sun intake, having a sun lamp can give you the same feeling. Turning it on throughout the day can provide you with some energy to get you through the day.

  4. Visit your local greenhouse or nursery.
    When it’s cold outside it can be tough to want to be outdoors. If you’re looking for a semi-tropical getaway, look no further than your local greenhouse or nursery. With the green plants, the warm weather and the sun shining through you’re sure to walk away feeling a bit better (I definitely do!). Maybe with a few plant babies too!