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4 Ways to Stretch Outside Your Comfort Zone


It seems weird to think about stretching out of our comfort zone during a pandemic; we’ve been having to do that since March! I think it’s fair to say that the struggle this year has been too real, and often felt raw. 

We have all been stretched this year, so my challenge to you is to take your personal growth game up another level! Here are four ways you can start:

  1. Tell someone how you’re really feeling...I mean why not? It doesn’t have to be a true love declaration (although, it totally could be!) but it does need to be a genuine expression! What’s been on your mind to tell someone? Even if it’s a hard conversation to have, give yourself time to prepare and get your supports in place. Being honest is liberating (especially when it was hard to do)!

  2. Reevaluate your own happiness...if there was ever a year to do this, it’s 2020. Are you doing what you love? Do you need to revisit or upgrade something in your life? How can you begin to (or keep at) making positive shifts in your life? Now go for it! 

  3. Up your self care game...I’m talking more than a mani/pedi or hot bath! What is happening within your mind or body that is making your life harder? How can you reclaim your healing journey, and make some bold choices for you? Maybe it’s speaking to a therapist, reading a self help book, or joining a support group. The helping world has adapted to online support so there are lots of virtual ways to take care of yourself. 

  4. Give yourself the credit you deserve! Learn to love yourself more fully, even if it’s something small to begin with. Do some reflecting on your journey and accept that you are a wonderful person with gifts to offer yourself and others. Seriously. Look how far you have come! Look at everything you have experienced and endured this year...amazing. You’re amazing! 

Good luck!