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5 Steps on Getting a Part Time Job (For Fun)

I came from a world of shift work, as a front line staff in a group home setting. This meant that the home where the youth lived was operating on a 24-hour basis. That also meant that it was staffed for those hours so there is no “Monday to Friday” in this business. I worked this shift rotation for 11 years and realized it was tiring. My mood was low and I was exhausted after sleeping in after a long late shift. Fast forward to me working at mindyourmind and loving the new challenges and now “Monday to Friday” schedule.

It’s interesting to me that something that is so desirable when you don’t have it, isn’t as satisfactory after you experience it after a while. Appreciation is something I feel on so many different levels, but I did become very lazy last winter with having every evening off. I found the winter extremely long and every day melding into the next. My self talk was “what the heck is my deal?” while feeling blah and unmotivated. I decided to switch it up and apply for a part time job as my recreational activity and bonus income. Realizing that an extra job would be an added responsibility I decided to put in place several boundaries so that it would be an enjoyable experience. Here was my action plan and transparency in the interview at the new job.

  1. Make a resume that highlights my skills in a retail setting and as a reliable employee. 
  2. Only apply to three retail spaces close to my house and where I enjoy to shop.
  3. In the interview, be transparent about availability and stick to it (for me it was “anytime after 5 p.m. on weeknights and any time on weekends).
  4. Learn the tasks, ask questions and do the job right.
  5. Be friendly to everyone always!

My plan to gain an extra job with my rules of action helped me get employment that worked for me. I put the plan in place so that when I am actually working in the job I won’t feel stretched in several directions and burnt out. I understand that retail isn’t for everyone but it is for me at this time. Right now, I find enjoyment in folding shelves of messy towels and seeing the instant results of my efforts (did you know there is a right way to fold a towel? I sure didn’t). I like putting clothing back on the racks from the fitting room and merchandising tables. It’s nice to have a job that works a different part of my brain. 

I’ve found this experience to be very rewarding because I realized that I am able to meet my goals if they are well thought out. Having an extra job forces me to value the free time I do have. I can take what I’ve learned and put it into action the next time I am working towards a goal. I am also happy when I get two paychecks on payday and I have been responsible with the additional money so that I can value it. I take pride in any career I do because it’s a big part of my life and I want to add value to those around me. Now I can’t tell myself I am lazy anymore because I clock in a lot of steps and my calendar is full! So here I am, working the Monday to Friday and a little bit extra.