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5 Ways to Take Our Well Being Seriously

5 Ways to Take Our Well Being Seriously

2019 went by really quickly for me, for several reasons and with that, there is a feeling to reflect when 2020 is near. I don’t make new year’s resolutions because I am terrible at sticking to anything like that consistently. For me it needs to be more organic and simple for it to be a real change in my life and a shift in my mindset. I do want to make goals for the new year because it is important to reflect on where you are in life and where you are headed. Here are 5 subjects that can be used as a starting point for us to work towards a life we love and continue to grow in. 

Physical Health

Do you move your body on purpose daily? Weekly? Ever? Physical health is fostered for years and when we don’t take care of our bodies, the long term effects can be painful and lead to stress and harm your mental health. There are different work out programs on youtube, pinterest and instagram that you can follow for free! Write down your intention for your physical health for the new year and see how you feel after a few weeks and months. Diet is also a huge part of this and water intake.

Mental Health

How are you doing emotionally lately? Is your mood low or are you easily agitated? Our mental health really ebbs and flows depending on how we are taking care of ourselves. Are you happy? Do you find humour in things or is life not fun right now? Reaching out to a mental health professional could be the starting point you need to taking care of your mental health.

Unhealthy consumption

Drinking too much alcohol, drugs, smoking, vaping, fried foods and sugar, etc. We are aware what is not healthy but are we indulging too much? Too often? Are you consistently consuming unhealthy things and worse, are you doing this to cope with negative feelings? It’s ok to take an inventory of your unhealthy habits and make a plan to reduce or get rid of these habits for the new year. It’s all about the long game and your overall health.


This is how we recharge and reset for the following day. Our body relies on those zzz’s and even taking a nap during the day if you can is beneficial for your mood and health. Sleep health is up there in regards to helping you be physically and mentally healthy.


Eeeeks! Don’t make me look at my money situation! I can relate to not wanting to look at my finances because we tend to overspend or not manage it properly. But now is the perfect time to review your

  1. Debt and paying it off asap
  2. Bills and paying on time
  3. Savings! Savings are so important because this is how you get financial freedom and use that money for big purchases that you are working towards. Look at savings in a simple way e.g. if you save $25 a week for one year how much will that get you? If you could save $150 a pay cheque, what could that earn you for a year? Start small or go to the bank and talk to a financial advisor for a free consultation. 

Be proud of yourself no matter what and celebrate the things you enjoy! Reviewing our behaviours is not a negative thing so don’t see it as such. It takes time to heal and choose better for your present.

Develop your plan

Write down these five areas of your life. Fill out where you are at and what you could do differently to develop your plan for the new year. Also, wherever you can, sprinkle in self care and wellness practices to get the most out of your day. Here are some wellness ideas from mindyourmind.