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7 Mental Health Apps to Check Out!

7 Mental Health Apps to Check Out!

This Digital Health Week, we are highlighting some mental health apps that mindyourmind loves! And we will start with a little bit of self promotion because we love the tools we create with youth! 

  • mood. by mindyourmind - is an app created to track sleep patterns and to journal emotions to help with your overall well being! The app also has a feature to share your monthly reports with your healthcare provider! Available on iOS and Android.

  • Headspace - provides you with curated weekly meditations that you can listen to as a part of your morning routine. It is a great tool to start incorporating meditation in your mental health toolkit! Available on iOS and Android.

  • MoodMission- helps you cope with stress, anxiety or depression by introducing “Missions” that can improve your wellbeing. The app is helpful in identifying what strategies to cope work for you the best! Available on iOS and Android.

  • Shine - this is a self care app that provides motivational messages and tips on self-improvement. The app is focussed on providing coping mechanisms for BIPOC-specific mental health issues which you can include in your morning routine! The app currently is only available in the US.  Available on iOS and Android.

  • Moodfit - this app uses techniques from CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) to offer various activities and journaling opportunities to boost your mood and change negative thinking patterns! Available on iOS and Android.

  • iBreathe - this app is designed to help you reduce stress and anxiety through simple breathing exercises! The app is clutter free and easy to use! Available in iOS AppStore. 

  • Be Safe by mindyourmind - this is a safety planning as well as a service navigator app developed by mindyourmind in partnership with youth! It is designed to support young people reaching out during a crisis by helping them access reliable resources in their region. Available on iOS and Android!