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And let the poetry/poetricks begin

Shakespeare and one of most famous sonnets

The best thing about working in an open space is the cross-pollination of ideas. The not-so-great thing about it is, sometimes those ideas push us to step out of our comfort zones—like doing an office poetry challenge. Somehow in our morning chats last week, we ended up deciding to write seven poems during Mental Illness Awareness Week. 

For full disclosure :), we should say we are publishing poetry or poetricks, the latter being any work masquerading as poetry. I prythee, dear reader, be kind in your critique for we possess neither the metaphysical charms of Andrew Marvell nor the witticism of the Bard.

Nathan opens our #poetrychallenge with Me, Myself and I. Check back every day—'til October  5—for a new poem. And don't forget to spread awareness about MIAW.

Day 1: Me, Myself and I by Nathan
Day 2: You Matter by Kathryn
Day 3: Woman by Carolyn
Day 4: How to measure a healthy program and a healthy mind by Justin
Day 5: Remember my name by Silence