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Anemia: Part Two

I feel like a deflated balloon on the bottom of a heap of garbage. This anemia problem is really getting old.

I felt better for a short time after taking iron supplements. After a few weeks, however, my stomach couldn’t handle so much burning each time I took an iron pill. My indigestion became so bad that I couldn’t even stomach iron-rich foods. So I went to my doctor and she suggested iron shots every other week.

“Great!!” I thought and honestly looked forward to getting a needle just below my waistline, even if I am self-conscious about my bum being half-shown to a near stranger. Needles? WHATEVER, JUST MAKE ME FEEL BETTER.

After stopping the iron supplements and switching over to injections, my energy levels went right back to the beginning: nonexistent. I felt so bad that I even went to the Emergency Department and they did an electrocardiogram (ECG) to make sure my heart wasn’t in distress.

Okay, that part makes me laugh a little to say because of course my heart is in distress; I have fucking depression. So I feel in emotional distress, yes. The ECG didn’t find anything physically wrong with my heart, however, so that’s good.

Still, my iron shots are only giving me 2 ml of iron and the nurse says it’s going to take another fifteen shots before I start to feel better. Considering how much I have to do, how much I want to do, and just how little energy I have to get out of bed, I’m fucking annoyed, to say the least.

Yet this is a small issue in the grand scheme of my health. Being in the Emergency Department made me realize how health is everything we have. It is all that matters. When we’re in good health, we tend to forget this, but when our health is at risk, we realize how important it is.

I thought of Whitney Homer when I was in the hospital for my ECG. I thought about her story, her blog, her journey, and her bravery. Definitely check out Whitney’s blog to see some real courage.

Our bodies are our vessels on this planet. We must be good to them and hope that they will be good to us in return. We only get one body, so we must take care of it. Remember, every body has a mind. Our mind is part of our body! We can’t have health in one without health in the other.

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Also, the countdown to our 200th post is on! Only four more to go. I’m excited!