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August 2019 Self Care Challenge

Often times we don’t prioritize self-care because we are either stretched for time or used to focusing on others before ourselves, but what if we did? 

For the whole month of August I will be participating in a self-care challenge by Want for Wellness. Follow my journey on instagram and through the mindyourmind website. 

Beginning August 1st, I will be practicing one self care activity each day (from the chart below) and I encourage you to join me in any capacity that you can! 

Things to remember:

  • Not every self care strategy will work for you and that’s okay. Finding what works may take some trial and error but it is possible. 
  • You don’t have to dedicate a large portion of your day to practicing self care (although if that is what you need, go for it!), even taking 5 minutes out of your day can be helpful. 
  • Have fun and enjoy taking time for yourself! Self care is not selfish, it is a necessity! 
  • Day 1: Mind Watch a TEDX talk and be inspired.
  • Day 2: Body Drink at least 2 L/70 oz of water.
  • Day 3: Soul Create a new morning routine.
  • Day 4: Mind Clean up your social media feeds.
  • Day 5: Body Stretch all your muscles.
  • Day 6: Soul Do something creative.
  • Day 7: Mind Research an unfamiliar topic.
  • Day 8: Body Cook a healthy meal.
  • Day 10: Mind Declutter a room or workspace.
  • Day 11: Body Practice Yoga.
  • Day 12: Soul Define what gives you stress.
  • Day 13: Mind Watch a documentary.
  • Day 14: Body Groom yourself.
  • Day 15: Soul Make a gratitude list.
  • Day 16: Mind Clean out your email inbox.
  • Day 17: BodyBe vegan/vegetarian for a day.
  • Day 18: Soul Create a new evening routine.
  • Day 19: Mind Try something new.
  • Day 20: Body Go for a walk.
  • Day 21: Soul Write down who you need to forgive.
  • Day 22: Mind Get rid of three things you don’t use.
  • Day 23: Body Have a long shower or bubble bath.
  • Day 24: Soul Write a love letter to yourself.
  • Day 25: Mind Have a social media free day.
  • Day 26: Body Drink at least 5 cups of green tea.
  • Day 27: Soul Say positive affirmations.
  • Day 28: Mind Do one thing you’ve been putting off.
  • Day 29: Body Try a new physical exercise.
  • Day 30: Soul Define some short term goals.