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The "Be Safe" App

The “Be Safe” smart phone app is out! It’s the end product of a year-long process involving mindyourmind, youth volunteers (including me!), the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), and other members of the Systems Improvement Through Service Collaboratives across Ontario.

Be Safe is the app I helped present at the Systems Improvement Through Service Collaborative conference a few weeks ago.

I am so proud of this app! We worked so hard on it. All the youth volunteers involved in making Be Safe, have experience with London’s mental health care system, mental illness, and/or supporting someone in crisis. This app is a safety plan, a decision-making tool, a phone book, and keeps all the information you might need in crisis at your fingertips. And it’s 100% free!

This version is designed for people in London, Ontario and area, so it directs you to services in London. It can be downloaded by anyone, no matter where you live, but keep in mind that some of its features (like the addresses of hospitals) will be London-based. Contact mindyourmind with questions or interest in adapting this app for your area.

This is how we help people! This is how it’s done. Download it, use it, share it, heal with it. Download the FREE app for iOS and android.

Be Safe! You deserve help.