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Blessings from schizophrenia

I came across an article the other day called Blessings from schizophrenia? Believe me, they exist and wanted to share it here because it was so positive and hopeful. It was written by Anne Aspler for the Globe & Mail about her mother, who has schizophrenia. Anne writes about how she struggled with her mother's diagnosis while growing up, but how she finds blessings in her family's experience now.

If you have someone in your life who deals with schizophrenia or if you have a parent who has a mental health disorder, this is a great article to read.

Another great resource is Clea's video, in which she shares her own experience with schizophrenia.

For information about how to take care of yourself and prevent burnout when helping a friend or loved one with mental health issues, go to our Preventing Burnout page.