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“Blooming young professional”

November 23, 11.10pm : Life is a journey.  At some point in this journey, you may not be at your peak. Such times demand positive thought.

So for example, at the wonderful Pillar Awards a couple of hours ago, a young woman remarked that she liked to dress well so an not to look like a “broke student”.

A fellow partier responded and said they should look at themselves as “blooming young professional”.

And knowing this young woman, I am inclined to agree.  She has all the hallmarks of someone who is going to make an impact regardless of what path they take – a passion for change and collaboration, a hunger to learn and re-learn.

This is one lesson I will need to remember whenever my own path is not as rosy as I would like it to be. Flip the coin and see the other side imbued with so much promise.