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Can suicide be prevented?

I know it’s not that simple a question. I know there isn’t a simple answer. But I do believe in reaching out, and I do believe in getting help, and giving help. So if these thoughts and ideas are true, then I guess I do believe that it is possible to prevent suicide.
But I don't think it’s only possible for “experts” to help. I think there's a way we can all contribute, and maybe suicide prevention in fact begins there. With the incalculable little acts each of us can do on any given day. Maybe it starts with you and a friend going out for coffee... and simply asking, "how are you doing?”. Or maybe it starts when you choose to let someone into your life (to know you, to love you, to be with you). Call it "togetherness" or simply call it “friendship”. I think suicide prevention may just actually start there – prevention can be as simple as when we're willing to talk to someone, willing to ask the difficult questions, willing to be honest with someone. Maybe the bravest move someone will ever make is to ask someone for help, or maybe you asking how you can help someone you love.
Maybe suicide prevention starts when we abolish the entire array of stereotypes that encourage the stigma that says pain is something we're not allowed to talk about, or that pain only exists in people of a certain age, race, or in someone who dresses a certain way and listens to certain music. Pain is normal; pain is a part of being a human. We all feel stuck at times. But, there is a light at the end of the tunnel: we were meant for friends.
So what can you do? We all have a part in helping. Smile at someone, get to know someone, give someone a compliment, help someone solve a problem, ask those hard questions, talk about your feelings, reach out, give help.  Everyone’s life is worth it. Remember that people are the most important thing on this earth.
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