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Can You Spare a Square? COVID-19

With the coronavirus making its way across the globe, it can feel overwhelming and downright scary to think about. As always, our mind starts to make sense of things and disengage from what is happening in social media land; because to be honest, engaging in what is going on online, makes just about everything worse. We prefer to lean into common sense and allow that to ground me. Our thought process with you over the past few weeks as COVID-19 unfolds will hopefully allow you to start to release any intense worries or fear you may have.

This is not the first time that an illness has affected our globe... we can appreciate that perhaps that doesn’t exactly make you feel better BUT it means that we have moved through this kind of thing before. What seems to be different this time, is that there is more emphasis on our global community doing their due diligence to prevent the spread of the virus. We should aim to learn lessons from everything that impacts our society and our inner circles. This experience and knowledge that we gain is what we should pull from for the next SARS, Ebola, wildfires, COVID-19, toilet paper shortage, etc. to give us the power to stay calm. Staying calm will give you the guidance to make difficult choices, stay safe and provide support for yourself and others.

During this time of #socialdistancing, please check us out on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for a calm, healthy social media experience. Please interact with us to give us your tips on how you are managing in this time. And above all, make sure to spare a square to the people around you!