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CCSA Module: Overcoming Stigma

CCSA Module: Overcoming Stigma

Stigma around substance use can be a barrier for those who are experiencing substance use disorder. It makes them less likely to reach out for support and can feel isolating. The Canadian Centre of Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA) released a three-part online learning module to combat the stigma around substance use. 

The goal of these modules is to educate individuals on what substance use disorder is and how we can all work towards destigmatizing it through our language. Each part focuses on specific themes. We’ve outlined them below: 

  1. The Pain of Stigma: This module helps you identify different types of stigma and how stigma as a whole can impact an individual who is experiencing substance use disorder. 
  2. Insights of Substance Use: This module helps you understand the biology behind how an individual may experience substance use disorder and how trauma plays a significant role. 
  3. Stigma Ends with Me: This module focuses on your role in ending the stigma around substance use and how the language you use impacts it. 

If you’re interested in taking this training, you can do so for free by visiting the Canadian Centre of Substance Use and Addiction website.