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Celebrating Green Flags

Green flags aren’t getting enough love these days, don’t you agree? As important and necessary it is to know and understand the red flag and it’s sneaky and diverse nature, it’s really our green flag people we should be giving our attention to!  

Red flags are warnings that appear as we move through life to give us a heads up that who or whatever we are involved with may not be what it seems. Red flags begin very subtly and require us to pay a lot of attention to what our gut feelings are communicating. We see or hear something about “the other” and our brain takes note. It’s a survival technique from the earliest days of human existence on earth. 

Call it our sixth sense if you will and it’s tapped into being able to have an inner knowing of something without actual proof. Meaning-I sense danger!!! When our body experiences this, it can be an actual feeling in your body such as a tingle in your gut, a memory coming to mind that would make sense and connect to the current situation, or goosebumps (although these have many names!). You are the expert of yourself, take some time to listen to a meditation and quiet your mind; this will help you hear and understand your ability to note those red flags.

As soon as we feel that, we get to shift into empowerment because we get to decide how we want to move forward. We also get to lean on our green flag people to help us as we set boundaries and potentially close connections with the red flag folks.

Green Flag people are a true blessing in our lives! Our Green Flag crew may be small, and sometimes keeping your circle small is a great thing to do. That means we are spending time with genuine people who care for us, take time to understand who we are and why we are the way we are ANNNNNND lets us be ourselves! Our Greenies remind us why making the best choice for US is always the way to go, and are the people we turn to in a crisis. These are ride and thrive relationships with trustworthy and respectful people. What more could you ask for?

So the next time you spot red - you already know what to do. Smile and move on, text one of your Green Flag people and share what happened. Enjoy that you’re able to notice the red flag and do something about it quickly! And then carry on living your best life as those folks will drag you down every time. Your Greenies have EARNED your trust and respect and those are the ones who deserve your best. 

This year, let’s throw a Green Flag celebration for our own, personal, Greenies! Or send a lovely card with a personal note reflecting your appreciation of them in your life! Oou, or make them a meal and have them over! There are so many things we can do! Toodleoo Red Flags, we got Green Flag things to do!