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Celebrating International Self Care Day

Happy International Self Care Day! Isn’t it about time we get to celebrate self care on this big of a scale?! Although I didn’t know that this was a thing until last week, I have to say that this is a day I can totally get behind. 

Having a whole day dedicated to self care might seem strange, but I can assure you that it’s just the thing we need. A full 24 hours devoted to giving back to ourselves? Count me in! With the world opening back up and us returning to our fast-paced and busy lives, sometimes we need reminders like these to slow down, pause, and take care of ourselves. After all, days like these give us permission to be kind to ourselves and make us feel good. In fact, having an international day for self care can lessen the guilt we often feel when engaging in self care. Plus, there’s no better day than today to have conversations with family, friends, and our communities about the importance of self care!

So to honour this international day of awareness, I encourage you to devote time for yourself, whether that be with your favourite self care strategy or with something new. If you’re looking to challenge yourself, see how you can engage in self care activities that benefit all areas of your wellbeing. If you’re stuck, check out the list below! 

  • Physical (e.g. try a unique recipe or foods rich in vitamin b, vitamin d, omega-3s, and probiotics; OR move your body in new ways like with stretches or walking a different route etc.)
  • Mental (e.g. add something to your bedtime routine, perhaps a podcast or guided meditation to calm your mind)
  • Emotional (e.g. write down or say out loud some positive affirmations, set boundaries)
  • Spiritual (e.g. do a new creative activity, listen to a guided meditation)
  • Social (e.g. engage in community care, like volunteering or attending a virtual event)

For more self care ideas:

Have a happy International Self Care Day, you deserve it!