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Celebrating International Women’s Day

We are celebrating International Women’s day by highlight some amazing interviews that we have done recently with strong, inspirational and powerful women! As a woman, it is always interesting to hear about the journey others have experienced to get to where they are and how they are giving back. A giant thank you to everyone who has taken the time to share with mindyourmind and we look forward to doing more interviews with more wonderful women!

I am a human, woman, and a hip-hop soul artist based out of Atlanta, GA. My music is a reflection of my passions, experiences, hopes, dreams, and ideas. I make music that promotes truth, light, and love which is something I try to do in my personal life as well. ~ Hip Hop Artist Melody Monroe

Jenn Harper is the founder of Cheekbone Beauty, a Canadian cosmetics company that gives 10% of its profits to The First Nations Child & Family Caring Society.

I started this company because I wanted to ensure First Nations children/youth have access to appropriate and equitable education. There is a $216 million funding gap between the funding on reserve schools get versus the funding city schools receive. This means that reserve schools get 30-50% less funding than city schools which translates to about $4,000 - $14,000 less per student. Their schools are so underfunded. There are fewer teachers, some schools have no library, no computers, sometimes the schools are freezing cold.

We interviewed Evonne Sullivan, a yoga teacher who works in Toronto and London. She teaches "Yoga for Wellness and Recovery". Evonne sat down with us to chat about her own yoga journey and the impact yoga can have on mental health and recovery. There are poses you can easily do to stay present in the moment and help calm you if you are in a stressful and overwhelming moment. Watch our video interview to learn more.

Emily Taylor is the founder of Teenagers with Experience (TWE) which is an online organisation set up by teenagers, for teenagers. The website aims to connect teens with others who are experiencing similar challenges and allowing them to learn from one another.

Teenagers With Experience is an online, non-profit organisation I set up to create a safe and non-judgmental space for teenagers to seek help, learn new things and feel less alone about what they are going through. The website allows teenagers to see people go through similar things to them, which can allow teenagers to feel less alone and “abnormal”.

Celebrate women...every day!