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Celebrating Women in Mental Health Spaces

Celebrating Women in Mental Health Spaces

It's International Women’s Day and we wanted to highlight interviews we have done with inspirational women who are spreading awareness and advocating for inclusive mental health care. 

  1. Achea Redd
    We interviewed Achea Redd, author of “Be Free. Be You.” and founder of Real Girls F.A.R.T. She spoke to us about her own mental health journey and shares more about her experience living with a generalized anxiety disorder. You can learn more about Achea and her journey here: 

  1. Katie Stack
    We spoke with Katie Stack who talked about art and mental health! You can check out her latest work on Instagram at 

  1. Paige Blossom 
    We interviewed Paige, an up and coming artist from Toronto who talked about her journey with music and mental health, and the release of her debut EP "Vincent". 

  1. Mojisola Ajibona
    Mojisola has been advocating for the mental and emotional wellbeing of women through her work. We interviewed Moji about women empowerment and importance of positive self talk. You can listen to her podcast on Worthy Woman

  1. Cmagic5
    We had the opportunity to talk to this up and coming vocalist from Toronto who talks about mental health and self empowerment through her music! Check out fior more. 

  1. Ella Greenwood
    We interviewed Ella who is a filmmaker and an avid advocate for youth mental health based in London, England. She directed, wrote and produced her first film “Faulty Roots” on a teenager living with depression. You can follow Ella’s current work at

  1. Louise Stevenson
    We interviewed Louise who is the founder of the Worry Tree app which is a cognitive behavioural therapy-based anxiety tool. Learn more about Worry Tree.

  1. Karishma Porwal
    We spoke with Karishma, who is a climate activist, about her journey with mindfulness and sustainability. 

  1. Crying out Loud 
    We spoke with Shannon Culver, Sarah Keast, Alexie Landry and Janice Tsao, the founders of Crying out Loud. It is a retail company that promotes mental wellbeing through a thoughtful selection of self and community care items. Check out the interview where we spoke to these women about dealing grief and trauma.  

  1. Susan Aglugark
    We had the opportunity to interview Susan who is a musician and a Canadian Icon. We talked to Susan about her organization Arctic Rose which works to support Indigenous youth with its healing programs.