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#ChangeItUpON event was a success!

Sometimes when you get the right people all in one room, magic can happen.  This is how I felt when we worked with 12 young people from the London area to talk about how youth can be, or should be, engaged in creating change in how they access and receive services.  In just one weekend, they came up with two tool concepts  We feel the Be Heard tool and the Changing the Path zine can greatly improve how service providers engage with the youth that they serve, and give young people a useable way to reflect and report on how accessing services was for them.  Both of the tools, and more info about how they were made, can be seen here.

On June 23rd, the magic happened again!  We gathered some service providers and youth in one place to show them the tools and hear from some of the youth who co-created them.  Then, we took advantage of having all of these great minds in one room and had them engage in small group discussions about how these tools and youth engagement in general can enhance the way they work.  We drank lemonade, ate popcorn and candy, and got excited about the possibilities. Even the space where we held the "premiere" was the right  place for these types of conversations:  VibraFusion Lab, an interactive creative media studio that promotes and encourages the creation of a new accessible art forms. So fitting that these initial ideas and partnerships would be born in a lab where creative people work to make things that are beautiful and accessible.  We want to thank them again for lending us their cool and creative space.  

We're excited to continue the work into the summer and hope to get these tools out there in the coming months!  Stay tuned!